Lect. dr. Anca Sîrbu

Scientific Secretary - The University of Arts „George Enescu” (Iași, Romania)

Dr. Anca Sîrbu is currently Assistant Professor of Form & Music Analysis and Aesthetics at the National University of Arts “George Enescu” Iași. She holds a B.M. in Composition and Conducting from the same university having studied with Vasile Spătărelu (composition), Victor Dumănescu, Dumitru Goia and Cristian Oroșanu (conducting). She received her M.M. in Twentieth-Century Music and went on to study conducting with Sabin Pautza, Enrique Garcia Asensio, Petre Sbârcea and others. In 2013, she defended her D.Mus. thesis in The Symphonic Genre in the Musical Output of the Contemporary Composers from Iasi supervised by Professor Gheorghe Duțică.

          Ms. Sîrbu is actively involved in research by publishing articles in national as well as international academic journals, and by participating in various conferences and symposia in Romania and abroad. Moreover, she has maintained her performing interests by collaborating constantly with various orchestras as well as by taking part in cultural projects as a conductor of the independent Symphony Orchestra Liber Artis.


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