Teodor Baconschi

Diplomat, Writer and Theologian

After a PhD in Religious Anthropology and Compared History of Religions at the Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV, 1995), he continued with post-doctoral studies at the New Europe College (Bucharest, 1996). He was director of Anastasia Publishing House (1995-1996), then editor at National Public Television (Spiritual Life, 1997). In 1997, he entered diplomacy, serving as Romanian Ambassador to the Holy See, to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and Republic of San Marino (1997-2000); director general at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2001-2002); Romanian Ambassador to Portugal (2002-2004); State Secretary for Global Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2004-2006), Presidential Advisor (2006-2007); Romanian Ambassador to France and Monaco (2007-2009); Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009-2012).

He received the following awards: the Grand Cross of the Order of Pius IX (Vatican); Grand Officer of the Order of Saint Agatha  (San Marino), Commander of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity, Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit (Portugal), Commander of the National Order of the Legion of Honor (France), Grand Officer of the National Order of Faithful Service (Romania).

Works signed by Tedor Baconschi: Le rire des PèresEssai sur le rire dans La patristique grecque, Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, 1996; Iacob și îngerul, Anastasia Publishing House, 1996; Ispita Binelui. Eseuri despre urbanitatea credinței, Anastasia Publishing House, 1997; Turn înclinat. Fragmente de arheologie profetică, Curtea Veche Publishing House, 1999; Roma caput mundi  (together with Horia Benea), Humanitas Publishing House, 2007; Pe ce lume trăim, Pro Publishing House, 2004;  Insula Cetății. Jurnal parizian, Curtea Veche Publishing House, 2005; Despre necunoscut, Humanitas Publishing House, 2007; III incursiuni în Cotidianul românesc (illustrations by Devis Grebu), Curtea Veche Publishing House, 2009; Bisericile de lemn din Maramureș  (UNESCO album), 2010. Works under the signature of Teodor Baconschi: Creștinism și democrație,  Curtea Veche Publishing House, 2011; Legătura de chei. Mărturii diplomatice (a dialogue with Armand Roșu), Curtea Veche Publishing House, 2013; Facebook. Fabrica de narcisism, Humanitas Publishing House, 2015.


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