”The Byzantine music is very useful to the soul. Every christian must know the Byzantine music. We all have to learn it. It represents a direct connection to the soul. Without sacrifice, the music sanctifies the human being. Without any hardship, only enjoying, you become a saint...”   

(Saint Porphyrios)  

The Byzantine chant gives an answer even to the questions that have never been asked. Along the wave of a chant, you receive answers to questions that, maybe, you have not asked yourself yet, but which are hidden within your soul.

May our Good Lord grant that this experience of singing and listening praises to God to be continued also in your life, because in a troubled, nervous and continuously turbulent world, the constancy of a beautiful chant still gives the man hope.

May you all be blessed!

The Most Reverend Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina

A Festival is, as its name suggests, a celebration. In Iasi, we celebrate our Christian and Byzantine heritage, the tradition of our ancestors, but also the hope full of joy regarding the future of this wonderful art represented by the Byzantine chant.

With this thought, we are waiting for you in Iasi, in a thought of discovery and self-discovery in the light of the art and spirituality of which this city is so full of”.

 The Very Reverend Archimandrite Hrisostom Rădășanu, President of the Festival




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